The Architect of Song

Book One in the Haunted Hearts Legacy series
Publisher: Golden Orb Press
Publication date: August 15, 2016

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A lady imprisoned by deafness, an architect imprisoned by his past, and a ghost imprisoned within the petals of a flower -- intertwine in this love story that transcends life and death. 

For most of her life, nineteen-year-old Juliet Emerline has subsisted – isolated by deafness – making hats in the solitude of her home. Now, she’s at risk to lose her sanctuary to Lord Nicolas Thornton, a twenty-seven-year-old mysterious and eccentric architect with designs on her humble estate. When she secretly witnesses him raging beside a grave, Juliet investigates, finding the name “Hawk” on the headstone and an unusual flower at the base. The moment Juliet touches the petals, a young English nobleman appears in ghostly form, singing a song only her deaf ears can hear. The ghost remembers nothing of his identity or death, other than the one name that haunts his afterlife: Thornton. 

To avenge her ghostly companion and save her estate, Juliet pushes aside her fear of society and travels to Lord Thornton’s secluded holiday resort, posing as a hat maker in one of his boutiques. There, she finds herself questioning who to trust: the architect of flesh and bones who can relate to her through romantic gestures, heartfelt notes, and sensual touches … or the specter who serenades her with beautiful songs and ardent words, touching her mind and soul like no other man ever can. As sinister truths behind Lord Thornton’s interest in her estate and his tie to Hawk come to light, Juliet is lured into a web of secrets. But it’s too late for escape, and the tragic love taking seed in her heart will alter her silent world forever. 

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"[A.G. Howard] has taken the expected dark tones of the Gothic romance subgenre and let them bloom, giving texture to shades of black and gray that sing with mystery and atmosphere, only to shock the reader with pops of metaphorical and literal color at just the right moment, leading them toward an even deeper absorption within the tale. Recommended for mature readers who don’t mind losing sleep so they can finish a book!" ~Serena Chase, USA Today HEA

"A deliciously, sensual slow burn." ~Adventures of a Book Junkee 

"The Architect of Song is a written melody that holds you in its grasp as it softly unfurls, keeping you captive until the last, thrilling note has been played." ~21st Century Once Upon a Times 

"[The Architect of Song] is not strictly a romance because there is a serious mystery to be solved and a ghost not at rest and gender roles to preserve for the time period. It's very much a hybrid ... this is the type of story I most love to read: convoluted and twisty and not falling into any one niche." ~The Starry-Eyed Revue 

"Howard has a magical way with words and an ability to weave a beautiful story that’s dark, haunting, twisted, unique, and ultimately hopeful. Captivating, atmospheric, romantic, and beautifully written, The Architect of Song is a must read." ~Ramblings of a Daydreamer 

"A return of the vivid, atmospheric writing that always drew me in ... all decaying lace and fragile gray beauty. Howard's pacing is treacherous and tense and teasing. She takes up the mantle of Shelley and Bronte (Emily, the good one) and brings us a Victorian gothic romance that breathes with the same subdued darkness as its forebears, has the same gentility and mystery, but is accessible for a modern reader.  The Architect of Song is a sweeping story of love and loss, mystery and tragedy, a darkly glittering gem richly written and peopled by truly unforgettable souls." ~Sarcasm & Lemons

"THE ARCHITECT OF SONG is a fascinating story; a colorful, energetic, and sensual look at three people connected by ... family secrets, lies, and heartache. A.G. Howard’s stunning words, prose and text bring the story line and characters to life. The emotions and drama are palpable; the energy is constant; the description and details so colorful your senses will be amazed. THE ARCHITECT OF SONG is dark but enlightened; gothic but enchanting; romantic but fantastical." ~The Reading Cafe 

"The Architect of Song by A.G. Howard was the perfect gothic novel ... a dark atmosphere, a ghost surrounded by mystery, captivating romance and the writing was oh so beautiful. I can't wait for the next three books in the Haunted Hearts Legacy series!" ~Bookfever 

"Sometimes new adult romance has a tendency to focus too much on the romance, while the plot slides to the back burner, but that is not the case here! A story of a ghost stuck between worlds and a shady nobleman with a questionable past ... stays shrouded in mystery until late in the book. I love big twists and The Architect of Song has them!" ~Cornerfolds 

"A wonderfully romantic story as only Howard can write." ~Book Hounds  

"Once again Howard has created a vivid, wonderfully complex world that I lost myself in right away." ~Lisa Loves Literature 

"A.G. Howard's foray into the New Adult world ... was quite an intriguing and fascinating read! Ghosts, romance, mysteries, murder and secrets abound!" ~A Great Read 

"The Architect of Song made my head spin like crazy; so many twists and turns ... AG Howard left me in shattered pieces but then she put me back together in the most beautiful way ever." ~Owl Always Be Reading

"The Architect of Song is a perfect example of a brilliantly done gothic novel. Atmospheric, enticing and absolutely captivating!" ~In Love with Handmade

"[This] book’s premise is delicious. And I loved every second of reading it. [An] extremely compelling read, and is highly recommended for any psychological mystery fans or avid romance novel readers." ~Nerdophiles

"The Architect of Song is a perfect mix of mystery, twists and turns and romance ... a slow paced and dense read, but one that is well worth the time and effort. The Architect of Song is a book meant to be savored." ~BookBriefs 

"This novel was in essence a ghost story... achingly beautiful, lush with vivid descriptions and an ability to capture and communicate the emotions surrounding the characters to the reader." ~My Friends are Fiction

"Architect of Song is my first book by Howard and it won't be the last. The plot is full of unexpected twists and turns, every time I thought I knew were things were headed Howard provided another masterful twist. [A] beautifully written tale of the power that hope has to change a life." ~Quite the Novel Idea

"The perfect balance between steamy and smart ... it was very easy to get lost in this amazing yet slightly macabre world. The Architect of Song is a bit of mystery with revenge, lust, and heart shattering romance all blended together for the most perfect gothic historical tale." ~Please Feed the Bookworm 

"Well-written, smart, suspenseful, sensual and incredibly crafted...tugs on your heart strings and gets the wheels of your mind turning in tune with your heartbeats." ~Booked J